ITTS was formed in January 2005 as a successive company to Denel, a data network specialist company. ITTS became the solution to the ever growing problem in industry today where there are simply too many service agents involved in the day to day running of a company. ITTS was designed to bridge the gap and provide a single point of contact for all in-house systems. No longer would a simple job involve the involvement of several companies who usually failed to meet targets or have ineffective lines of communication to liaise with each other for a job or to complete in a realistic timescale accurately or to the clients specifications, usually with extra cost. IT Total Solutions was born to provide Total IT from the mundane to the extreme in any company or home regardless of size, status, or industry. To provide IT to anyone with the highest level of expertise, best level of service and satisfaction to the client all at a competitive cost.

ITTS founders have a vast background in the finance industry and the early focus of the company during its first 12 months was to provide solutions to companies in the process of FSA regulation that required IT to be at a level of stability and evolution to cope with the new demands the finance industry would pose. This launched ITTS into a niche market where it would grow and evolve in its own right to support some of the biggest finance companies in the market as well as several dozen small companies and sole traders which form the backbone of our business today. This continued early success allowed ITTS to then evolve rapidly in other industries from electrical, education and local government through to manufacturing. This brought the concept of providing a quality reliable service with a personal nature to all industries, efficiently and cost effectively to all business sectors.

Today ITTS have alliances with several companies that form its structure and create its banner of providing total IT, across all operating systems in all industries for all users with all levels of IT competence; in companies of any size or status, meeting bespoke requirements and adapting to individual client needs along the way, creating a service for the client rather than selling one. ITTS now has its head office based in Aldridge around 5 miles from J7 & 10 of the M6. Its offices are shared with a couple of small companies providing in house support to those companies as well as offering managed workspace and meeting facilities to help offer support and training to our clients and other companies in our community. Centrally based in the Midlands and easily accessible with all modes of transport ITTS are readily at hand to help anyone in IT and beyond.


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