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Quality, Integral & Professional since 2005

IT Total Solutions is an IT company built and run around one thing… It clients. At ITTS we deliver the service of TOTAL IT to all our clients. Its common in the business world today that a business cannot function without its IT, any downtime is major disruption or a considerable cost.

We offer proactive IT solutions, and services to address potential problems before they occur, and when they do, be able to respond in the most effective way to offer business continuity for our clients.

We provide comprehensive services and solutions across the IT sphere, a one stop solution for everything IT related. new and refurbished products, support and advise on all aspects of an IT environment with ALL platforms covered, including Apple MAC, we provide the whole package.

Telecommunications, Networks, E-mail, Internet, consumables, design, implementation to name but a few! for virtually everyone; regardless of the size of the company, it doesn’t matter, home worker, SME company with constant expansion and growth, or a corporate organisation based UK wide or Internationally.

We are only in business if our clients are in business. We bespoke and tailor our solutions to ensure the best chance of success for our customers.

We cover the whole of the UK, but focus on our local areas, to give clients the fastest possible service and resolution where site visits are required.  With our head office in Lichfield, Staffordshire, we are centrally located to serve the whole of the UK. For more information on our focused coverage areas click here

Our website says a lot about what we do, but not everything, so if you have a question or want to know more about how we deliver our services, contact us on 01212 850 850

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