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Data Backup and Disaster recovery

This is probably the most important aspects of a company’s IT infrastructure, as without an appropriate backup and disaster recovery solution, any loss of data whether it’s by corruption, loss or physical damage can be devastating to a company’s ability to function and in many cases, lead the demise of the business.

How much does downtime actually cost a business? and can the true costs actually be measured?

ITTS have developed a solution to fit the vast majority of the SME markets needs for a disaster recovery solution. You set it, We check it!

Our Key services are:

  • We can backup Raw files and folders, snapshots and image chains to our own private offsite data facility.
  • Our solutions offer a recovery point on your premises which synchronises to our off-site data facility on a schedule to suit you.
  • We can offer hourly snapshots, Daily, weekly and monthly copies of data, or as often as you require.
  • We can help with GDPR related requirements for backup solutions
  • All our solutions are automated removing the element of human error. Reports and logs are checked by an engineer from ITTS for errors and issues.

So why ITTS?

Our offsite service is designed not to compete with the storage of data in data centres and in foreign lands, but to offer an alternative, feasible and practical solution to the SME sectors standard offsite data copy practices, evolving the current solutions and providing a new best practice…

Primarily ITTS Offsite Copy solutions are designed to meet the criteria or a secure offsite data copy for in house company data, with disaster recovery implementation. Replacing External Hard Drives, Magnetic tapes, USB storage devices and public cloud services, which are used for convenience but don’t offer a business level recovery solution.

ITTS can offer an overview of your current backup practices and help guide and advise on improving your resilience to data loss. We can look at existing solutions and even test your current solutions to prove they are effective.

DR (Disaster Recovery) should be the biggest concern of any company and the top of the list of priorities when implementing IT systems and setting up redundant solutions.

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ITTS have our own Private Data Facility. Controlled and administered by ourselves, we have complete control of the backup environment, we can offer all types of backup solution, for any size of data, and recover in the fastest possible turnaround time. Our facility is secure, encrypted and not overloaded like many other DR providers.


DR planning is key to the survival of any business. Whatever you use to back up your data, when did you last test it? We offer DR planning and testing, from written Disaster Recovery Plans, aiding in GDPR regulation to DR test recoveries and Staff IT policies, ITTS can look after all aspects of your Business Data Policies. The worst position any company can be in after a data loss, is with a backup that fails


Files and Folders, known as RAW data can be stored incrementally, giving multiple copies of the same file over a set period of time. This means that in the event of a file being backed up incorrectly, you can recover it from a previous date.

Our DR solutions offer clients an offsite copy of their data in the event of a site loss. We take a copy of your data to our offsite data facility on a daily basis, ensuring that if the worst should happen, you have a point of recovery. We can offer many different types of recovery options, to ensure you are fully restored, in the best possible turnaround time.


Imaging or Snapshotting your data is the best form of backup and recovery solution. Imaging allows the complete recovery of the PC or Server to the exact state at the time of the backup. Images can be taken as frequently as every hour, or at whatever interval suits your business needs best. As part of our Backup Solutions, images are stored to an onsite storage system before transferring off site, so recoveries are fast and seamless.

All our solutions are automated and reports and logs are checked by a human from ITTS for errors and issues. removing the element of human error.

If you are thinking IT disaster recovery solutions for your business? ITTS is the place to start, ITTS disaster recovery solutions is your go to place for Business grade solutions an an affordable price. We are centrally located and can offer fast turnaround times, for clients in Birmingham, West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire and the central area of the UK, and just a little bit longer for those clients further afield.

Remember – “What we do today, gives you a business tomorrow”

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