Feeling Isolated in the wilderness Of IT?

Regardless of your IT stature sometimes there’s always a need to seek some additional advice, An ITTS consultant can be that point of support and source of information as there are always times when you need to upgrade, amend or migrate your IT, and with it your requirements may change. ITTS offer impartial consultancy with all aspects of IT. We use whole of market manufacturers and provide the solution that suits the needs of our clients and not the closest match from a database or whatever is on offer at the time. The current clients of ITTS have the freedom and diversity to expand and evolve their IT as they see fit, to control their own budget, direction and preference of all work that is done, with reassurance their getting the best possible service from impartial consultants, with no predefined solutions, no box shifting, just what you need as and when you need it.

Our Consultants can visit your premises and conduct a site survey and create proposals and solutions for the needs of your company on an individual basis with helpful recommendations and advice to get the most from your IT.

To book your IT consultation, contact us on 01212 850 850. We are here to discuss your requirements.

Expert Advice and guidance on all areas from IT, IT Total Solutions consultants offer varied levels of consultancy that can help guide and support you through the potential issues and pitfalls you may encounter, ensuring your business suffers minimal impact on any situation.

  • Upgrades
  • Migrations
  • Office move’s
  • Refurbishments
  • Office Relocation.

Confidence and Reassurance