Remote Support

Professional Helpdesk Support

“ Let us take the wheel and steer you clear of those pesky problems ”

Remote Support is a remote access service offered to all clients. This service gives the ability for an engineer to work on your systems remotely without the need to come to your site or office. We can respond to your problems quicker, deal with more trivial matters that you wouldn’t usually call an engineer for and it reduces costs as no engineer will be called out.

We deal with many varieties of remote access software depending on your infrastructure to enable us to gain access and carry out work quickly and efficiently.

Remote access can be a very cost effective, efficient solution to your company, and with many varieties of access available there’s a solution on offer for you. Offering you high quality secure support system without the cost implications. From as little as 30 pence per business day you can have an engineer look at your PC & MAC problems remotely, quickly and easily, with no fuss or hassle!

Remote Support? – Our services Start from just 30 pence per business day! the most cost effective way to support your business. contact us to find out more.

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